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Janice Brodowsky lives in Ithaca, NY, and is employed by Lakeview Mental Health Services as a Rehabilitation Counselor.

Janice Brodowsky's Bio:

I am currently living in Ithaca, NY. This region of New York State is incredibly beautiful with it's lakes, waterfalls, and gorges. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking and taking photographs, both of which I love to do. Ithaca is a wonderful place to live and is filled not only with beauty, but diversity. 

Janice Brodowsky : Hobbies

  • Hiking
  • Photography, especially nature photography
  • Playing my guitar
  • Singing 
Janice Brodowsky : Other Interests
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation
  • Helping others in need
Janice Brodowsky : Other Beliefs
  • I believe in treating people with kindness and empathy
  • I love all animals, especially cats (and more especially, MY cat Paws)
Janice Brodowsky : My Main Objectives
  • Live a peaceful life
  • Make a difference in other people's lives
  • Be more mindful of living healthfully
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Janice Brodowsky's Experience:

Janice Brodowsky's Education:

Janice Brodowsky's Interests & Activities:

Janice Brodowsky : Interests & Activities I enjoy walking in beautiful places. I love trails that wind through the woods, and consider it a treat when I come upon animals living in their natural environment. I have been an "on and off" guitar player for years, and currently have gotten back into it. Playing my guitar is one form of meditation for me, as is photography, which I also have a passion for. I have an interest in how social networks like Facebook, and instant communication (i.e. text messaging) have made an impact on interpersonal relationships and how we communicate with one other; both negative and positive. I have recently become interested in "Factory Farming" and the treatment of animals who are raised to produce food. As I have not become a full fledged Vegan (or even a Vegetarian), I have recently changed my own eating habits as I have learned more about what really goes on in our food industry.

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